That's it, I'm voting for my cat

It's no secret, the 2016 presidential election is total farts.

I'm not someone who keeps up with news, so I can't give specific examples of why I dislike our 3 current candidates. Or the fact that we only have these three candidates to choose from. Or how the hell we even got stuck with these weirdos in the first place. So I'm not going to talk about that here.

Instead, I'm going to tell you why my cat makes an excellent presidential candidate. Those reasons are as follows:

  • He looks good on camera
  • He is over 35 in cat years and is a citizen
  • He dresses casually so that he appears more relatable to the working class
  • He also wears a tie, but not all the time. Remember, relatable.

Yep, look at that personable face. He's obviously fit for presidency.

Pretty good, huh? He's right on par with our current candidates. Here are reason why he is better than our current candidates:

  • He doesn't say things that are offensive/stupid/ridiculous/outlandish
  • He's never been in trouble with the law or finances
  • He doesn't mess with emails
  • He's a cat, so he'll never use the excuse "I'm a human, I make mistakes!"

It's just too easy! Really, I'd rather vote for my cat this election cycle and you can be sure that I will.

I even made campaign signs!

Oh hell yeah.

You can print these out and post them in your yard too! Here is the file:

 Literally, all other signs are inferior

Literally, all other signs are inferior

Every good presidential campaign needs a website, so I made one of those too! Check it out on Facebook!

A vote for the Meow Party is a vote for Ameowica! Mr. Jim Kitty for President 2016!