Alyssa M. Adams, PhD

Welcome to my personal website! Here's you'll find a hub of academic and professional documents alongside a collection of general things that are interesting.

Currently, I exist in two different (yet not quite-that-different) states: a PhD student at Arizona State University and a Data Scientist at VEDA Data Solutions. Even though I am getting my PhD in Physics, I cannot quite say that I study physics in the traditional sense. I'm not a discipline-driven researcher; I am a question-driven one. I use whatever tools from whatever discipline that will best address the questions I study. I other words, I study theory of computation, biology, machine learning, mathematics, philosophy, and others as much as I study physics. I work under Dr. Sara Walker who leads the Emergence Lab, which focuses on the origins of life on Earth and in the universe. 

My favorite question to study is this: "What makes life different than non-life?" All my research projects are centered on this topic. Mainly, I work in systems that generate big data to answer this question. Human-generated data is an excellent medium to study living systems since it offers massive multi-layered forms of data.

Informally, I'm a dork who loves to build, create, and dream. Science is the most fun way to express my creativity while taking big dreams and making them tangible. I like to carve out unique spaces. My living space is full of creatures: 2 humans, 2 cats, 2 ferrets, 2 axolotls, 2 snails, and the occasional stray gang of ants. Did I mention that I love to play League of Legends? Add me as GigglePuss and I'll carry you to victory on my tiny Teemo shoulders!