Make a Facebook Disconnect!

Someone please make a Facebook disconnect service!

I would love to get away from Facebook, but I can’t leave because I would miss seeing updates from a ton of people that I like staying updated with. I’ve had my account for 11+ years and every single people I “friended” I know from interacting in real life for some amount of time. In other words, my Facebook pals are all people I actually do like. So what to do?

Someone should make a service that:

  • Logs into your account

  • Scans you feed and the profiles of all your friends

  • Compiles a summary of updates

  • Sends me a weekly email in a letter format

That way, I never have to log in again (unless I actually want to post a real update)
AND it bypasses the annoying Newsfeed algorithm that limits the number of people it shows, along with content.

Just a simple bot, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Even some kind of weird Gmail app would do.