Make a battery charger that is powered by walking!

Someone please make a phone charger that is powered by walking!

Imagine having a spare battery pack that is charged by the kinetic motion of walking. Or running. Or biking. Honestly it doesn’t even have to be a phone charger, it could just be a general way to charge batteries or something.

Here’s my first, crude iteration:

  1. Put a thick, inflated balloon into the sole of a shoe. The balloon is connected via some air tube.

  2. When someone walks, it compresses the sole of the shoe. Air is forced through the tub because the balloon is squashed.

  3. Put a magnet or a piston into the tub.

  4. Then, when someone walks, you get an up-and-down piston motion.

  5. Bam, make that charge a battery or something.

I’d at least like to see this on the next episode of Shark Tank.